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Guwahati falls in a highrisk earthquake zone. architect firms in dubai runs on the history of several intense earthquakes in the outside. Infact in an earthquake had wiped out a massive chunk of its expansion. Houses built during that time were fewer while number and were furnished with light weight material and so were constructed largely located in tune with the neighborhood environmental conditions. Because belonging to the number of lives reduced were less. If type takes a look in the style of architecture winning the city like Guwahati today it is less or more the same as could possibly know about see in any another metropolitan city in Of india.

High rise apartments profitable buildings retail outlets each of them is RCC framed structures. Manufactured to a certain degrees however not earthquake data. Till about years back Guwahati and Assam use to have probably a handful pertaining to architects. There has previously so much development in the city like Guwahati within the last years that the number has increased to instead of a hundred architects and essential designers. There is endurance competition between the designers in Guwahati. The level of competition is for different types to works namely commercial architectural structures residential complexes retail suppliers interiors of multinational backoffices interiors of homes.

The city itself carries expanded beyond its Central business district and has today change into one of the important cities in India the landmass it covers. It has allowed the city to set large projects like schools institutions malls multiplexes and huge township projects. This have proved that architects doing Guwahati are not snug in doing small residence which was the scenario years back but furthermore doing large buildings as well as the interiors of those constructs as well. What is crucial for an architect in the Guwahati to remember is the fact , only on the flooring surface Guwahati looks like additional modern city in Indian it actually sits on the very high risk seismic zone.