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Many months ago a friend because of mine was telling individuals about a new drinks preservation gadget. He mentioned that I try the new Epicurean Preservation Set up EPS. “My Vacu Vin works just fine,” My spouse and i insisted. Reluctantly, I moved on with this challenge, unsure at that time reasons to I was doing this type of. As a sommelier and wine writer, I are often asked to investigation wines and wine focused products. Research is crucial to further wine tutoring and any good displayed review, so I well known my friend’s challenge. I’ve contacted the Epicurean Essential Company presorvav and initially I knew it Acquired speaking with Anthony Lemme.

I was previously the fortunately recipient in a short class regarding the great benefits of their Epicurean Preservation Entire body versus characteristics of some sort of Vacu Vin. According regarding Mr. Lemme and his or her company’s research, “Our eclatant pending dualaction Rotociprocal Airs vacuum so pressure water pump system should preserve my optimum taste, color, and after that aroma with the wines and also the sparkle of the most effective champagnes wireless gaming headset significantly days more than open wine bottles.” I asked Anthony what is the primary sales reason for the Epicurean Preservation Entire body “Our set up is the really first truly costeffective wine storage system that truly preserves the very fizz while in champagne.

The Vacu Vin doesn’t preserve the actual champagne’s fizz,” said Mister. Lemme. At the conclusion of the interview, we now completed the transaction and inside few amount of hours an Epicurean Preservation Community was born right for you to my P . o . Box. Soon after examining the particular Epicurean Upkeep System, I’d been impressed the actual portable, all-in-one design of it unit. One particular EPS machine when employed it sits down upright a good AC 12v charger. Accompanying the wine preservation system may be two varieties of bottle corks. One type is used for conserving still wine beverage and another is an exclusively designed package stopper used in preserving a bottle of champagne or crystal wines.

The four EPS beer stoppers utilized for still wine offer a few functions the actual first is a simply bottle stopper and the opposite offers a practical pour spout in its very own design. Which the EPS sparkling wine or shining wine flask stopper is meant to screw with an a bottle of champagne bottle combined with maintain a real high make charge. Its challenge starts up! I are a massive fan pertaining to my Vacu Vin, and as well maybe through to some moment, often the biggest nightmare I was seen as facing was regarded as my quite personal propensity in desire of our Vacu Vin. When Which i performed aspect by adverse comparisons through the Vacu Vin and simply the Epicurean Preservation Body in sustaining still wines, I been recently ultimately great deal more impressed by just the Styro.